Feature Writing

April 30, 2021

Feature Story

The Next Chapter: How Social Media is Creating a New Space for Literature Learning

One look at Olivia Marenda’s bedroom and you can tell she likes to read. Her floor-to-ceiling bookshelves teem with books bound in lively hues and shades: bright blood reds, fiery oranges, deep teals, warm creams and shimmery golds atop muted blacks.

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April 04, 2020

Quick Turn Feature

Athenians Reflect on Blockbuster Era Amid New Documentary on Netflix

The logo itself conjures nostalgia for some generations. A contrast of deep, confident blue and bright, pure yellow fill in the shape of a ticket stub that holds one word in bold, blocky print: Blockbuster.

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March 23, 2021

Reported Essay

My eyes always drift down to four inches of exposed skin left by the gap between my cotton candy blue sports bra and matching leggings.


March 20, 2021

As Told To

How A Finsta Account Created a Booming Cookie Business: Baylee Marsh Thornton on the Origin of Baylee Bakes

Baylee Marsh Thornton started her baking business, Baylee Bakes, by accident. A few candid and lighthearted posts on her "finsta" soon led Thornton to a new lifestyle — waking up at 4 a.m. to finish frosting cookies and teaching decorating classes to hundreds of people.

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March 02, 2020

Multiplatform Story

Reaping What Athens Sows: Addressing Access to Fresh, Local Foods for Athens Residents

The lettuce in the fridge has a story.

So do the potatoes and corn in the pantry.

Produce travels to American kitchens in several ways; from the aisles of grocery stores, the crates of local farmers and straight from the soil tilled in backyards.

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