With over 80 articles in publications like CNN, Georgia Health News, and The Red & Black, I've worked to develop my reporting for local, state, and national audiences. From writing, editing, and training to directing, producing, and reporting, I'm committed to diversifying myself and my experiences as much as possible.

I'm currently pursuing a Journalism MA at the University of Georgia and plan to finish in the summer of 2021. In December 2020, I graduated from UGA with a Journalism BA and Minors in Political Science and Film Studies.


 I am an eager student of the world; looking to uncover and discover more intricacies about the people, places, and things that surround me. I love a challenge and spend my leisure time hunting for great books, movies, recipes, and outdoor activities.


I aspire to work in an area of investigative, entertainment, or feature-based journalistic writing or video production. I remain open to all opportunities in areas of broadcast, print, or multimedia and see them as chances for learning and development.  My ideal workplace is one that is positive, collaborative, and allows me to curate pieces that offer a new perspective to viewers or readers.